Friday, June 22, 2018


but what if they're wrong?

by Mark King

All my life I've been told to eat fruits, vegetables, beans, corn, wheat, bread and legumes while minimizing meat and saturated fat. Since the late 70's the chant of "fat free" and "no saturated fat" have been ground into our heads from every media source and giant packaged food producer(s). Academia, the US Government and even the American Heart Association have all preached this religiously.

Starting in the late 70's I escorted my father through over 20 years of clogged arteries, surgeries and drugs to prolong his life. He only made it to age 80. I'm determined to do better than that in spite of recently being diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Since I was a very young child we've been told by the USDA to eat a lot of whole grain and bread based products, but what if that's wrong? Who would be affected if everyone found out the wheat in bread was actually harming your body? The agriculture industry would collapse, bakers and bread producers would be instantly out of work, it would be chaos.

What about corn and soy, are they ok? NO they're also packed with lectins (more on lectins ahead)!
If corn, soy and wheat are out, there go all those salty snack crackers, right? No more pasta either. No cookies. No CANDY. Rice (except in some very limited circumstances) is out too. Grain and agriculture industries would be wiped out and more jobs lost when everyone finds out this stuff is actually far more damaging to your body than you ever possibly imagined.

It's not just the calories and fat that's killing you, it's the lectins in these foods stimulating and poking your immune system, keeping it on edge, very busy and unhappy.

If grains are out, what about beer? Gone, forget about it! Learn to drink something else. The carbs in a single 12 oz pale ale are over half of your total daily requirement for an entire day, not to mention the fertilizers and insecticides the grains were subjected to during their manufacture. The alcoholic beverage industry would be turned upside down and ruined for years if everyone came to realize the truth at once. They certainly don't want you to know about how grain harms your body. It's blasphemy! Right?

Eat lots of healthy fruits, they're rich in vitamins like C, right? But what if you got all the vitamins your body needs to function directly from other foods you're already eating? What if fruit was just sugar, calories and carbohydrates? What if everyone found out you don't really need to eat fruit, that it is just essentially candy? Who would be affected if everyone found out fruit was really unnecessary in your diet and actually may be doing you more harm than good? The citrus industry would be wiped out. Orchards would lay dormant. Jobs would be lost, more chaos.

Over in Europe they let their cows go out in the fields and eat grass, it's free food for the cows and sustainable where they have the land to support it.

Over here in America we like to feed our cows corn, soy and calcium carbonate for their indigestion (from eating all the corn and soy which are unhealthy for cows). What if everyone found out that feeding genetically modified corn and soy to cows created food products that are harmful to the bacteria in your gut? Who would be affected? Think about all those gallons of milk moms are buying to feed their kids? Ice cream is out! Upsetting the American Dairy Industry with such information would bankrupt businesses and eliminate jobs, more chaos.

Fast food restaurants would be hit very hard if you found out that 99% of what they're selling you to eat is actually doing your body serious long term harm, like a 1000 tiny little cuts all throughout your body.

That big sub sandwich is actually a torpedo bomb to your gut, filled with useless carbs, sugar and worse, lectins that penetrate your single cell intestinal walls and move freely throughout your body while delivering very little actual nutrition which your body really craves (that's the hunger response calling).

There are too many corporate entities that would be devastated by telling the truth, hysteria would run wild as people scrambled to find foods to eat that are not making them fatter and sicker.

The bun for a Big Mac is over 200 calories but it's 39 grams of carbohydrate which is more than someone on a Ketogenic diet typically eats in a whole day. Sandwiches made on bread are the perfect storm of harm for your body causing spikes in insulin and stored fat.

It should come as no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is in no hurry for the population to become more healthy. They make WAY too much money selling us drugs to correct for all the ills caused by what we're eating. As an example statins are a huge profit center for drug producers but significant evidence shows that eating low-carb can eliminate the need for this drug (which has awful side effects in about 10% of people including ME!). I'm not saying all drugs are bad but if everyone quit taking the most common ones there would be chaos in the industry.

Roundup has become the profit leader for Monsanto and company. Residual amounts of Glyphosate the active chemical in Roundup are now found in many streams and waterways. The state of California says Roundup causes cancer and there are new law suits forming in the courts. Big agriculture has found new ways to use Roundup that has increased the amount of glyphosate we can measure in the foods treated with it. Roundup is one of the best excuses for going organic and eating non GMO foods.


This is what most people are eating and it shows, we've got 70% of our population "over weight" and 40% are obese. Most people on this diet have no idea how many calories and carbs they should eat nor do they have the slightest idea how many calories and carbs they actually consumed in any given day. On this diet you just eat whatever the heck you want and say hello to massive amounts of fat forming all over the body. The accumulation of this fat is one of the biggest causes of cancer, fat surrounding your internal organs can have very serious health consequences.

A restricted diet is one that limits what you're allowed to eat. This can take many forms but the most common weight loss diet is based on "restricted calorie intake". Restricting or reducing calorie intake has worked to reduce my weight but it's not been effective at keeping the weight off. I restricted my diet to 1500 calories and 150 grams of carbs for several years and it helped me drop about 40 pounds but then I got stuck and could not lose the remaining belt of fat that has surrounded my abdomen all my life. Beside not losing the final fat I was hungry all the time and craved carb laden snacks like oranges and popcorn and pretzels (in 100 calorie bags to provide portion control).

The Ketogenic diet restricts carb intake, this causes the body to burn stored fat and in most cases people lose weight, some people lose A LOT of weight using this diet. In order to get the body to burn fat you must reduce carb intake to around 25 net grams or less per day. This means sugar in all forms is OUT! (Replace it with Stevia an all natural zero-calorie sweetener).

The Ketogenic diet can be traced back to the 1920's when it was successfully used to treat seizure related diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. Today people all around the world are embracing the Ketogenic diet because it has been so successful for people trying to lose weight.

Want to join the discussion? Here is the Keto forum on Reddit

Here you can read and see the results of regular people, who were massively overweight, and what they're doing about it with this new way of thinking. Please don't tell anyone about this, if word got out it could have devastating results :-)

What if you could eat A LOT of food that tasted great, filled you up and caused you to lose weight? Could you give up bread and sugar sweetened foods to achieve this?

Isn't this the same as the Keto diet? No it's not. Each has it's own food lists of what's acceptable. Do your research and you'll see that the Keto diet is quite different though many of the foods are common and shared by the two diet plans.

Unfortunately many people have used the Atkins diet plan as a way to dump weight, then they discontinue eating low-carb and all their weight comes right back. Eating low carb is a way of life, get used to it, do it forever, be more healthy and lighter weight too.

Since Dr Atkins passed away the corporation he left behind has manipulated and repurposed the diet for greater profit. Many Atkins branded food products such as their candies contain sucralose a sweetener that can cause severe gastrointestinal pain along with destroying your healthy gut bacteria. That's not a recipe for health in my opinion. I personally avoid Atkins based products.

One of my favorite doctor/authors, Dr. Mark Hyman has published a book and diet called "Eat Fat, Get Thin". This is another form of restricted diet where carbs are dramatically reduced in favor of eating foods containing fat and oil.

I have the Audible copy of the book and it's read by Dr. Hyman himself. It's wonderful to hear his enthusiasm as he fills you in on the who, how and why of eating fat and getting thinner.

The Plant Pardox program by world famous heart surgeon, Dr Steven Gundry is one of the most restrictive of the low carb diets. Dr Gundry recommends reducing consumption of products containing animal protein in favor of more leafy greens. Dr Gundry asserts that you won't need to count calories or carbs, you'll naturally get to the correct amount as you pursue the Plant Paradox Program.

Dr Gundry says the lectins contained in most foods cause an auto-immune response by your body, essentially your body is attacking itself. If you get rid of the lectins the bacteria in your gut become healthy and your immune system can focus on things like fixing what ails you instead of attacking you.

 The damage by lectins is done on a minuscule level by a variety of things that trigger your body's immune system and keep it agitated at a low and continuous level. Additionally "things" in our "Standard American Diet" flat out kill and destroy the good bacteria that should be living in your gastro intestinal tract.

The bacteria in your gut are part of the digestive equation, you can't ignore them or they will punish you with a variety of problems like irritable bowel and acid reflux (just a couple, there are many more).

A restricted diet is one that is made up of specific foods for your body, you're restricted to these things in order for the chemistry in your body to heal and repair itself. Get ready to be shocked because you're going to give up a lot of things you thought were ok to eat.

I predict there will be a full-on assault to Dr Gundry's diet recommendations because WAY too many big corporations will be harmed by the knowledge their food is actually BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH in ways we've not understood until very recently!

Don't look for a happy reception to this book from our Government watchdog agencies either, they need to protect the diet status quo to prevent panic in the streets. If you're worried about your food supply you could find out what grows well where you live and consider growing some healthy food right in your own backyard.

There is new information that has gained public knowledge through books, forums and online social media. Some doctors are bringing forward new ideas for treating patients with diseases like prostate cancer.

The carb restricted Ketogenic diet is not new technology but taking that diet plan and removing lectin filled foods shows great promise for sustainable weight loss, curing diabetes, curing heart disease and many other positive health benefits. Needless to say industry giants (previously mentioned) are coming out swinging against this information, calling it a "dangerous fad diet".

Instead of ruining the patients life with surgery, radiation and drugs laced with highly toxic cancer killing chemicals new patient studies since 2015 are more than suggesting cancer can be defeated or controlled through diet.

But wait, isn't that what killed Steve Jobs? He was fanatically attached to his fruititarian diet and was convinced he would beat cancer by following it. By the time he decided it was not going to work it was too late for traditional methods to save his life from a very aggressive form of cancer.

Dr Gundry's new book, The Plant Paradox, delves into a lot of the science about which foods are killing you and how they're doing it. This is one of the most restrictive diets because it limits protein intake from animals to two-to-four ounces a day or less, this includes meats, milk and cheeses. It stresses consuming oils rich in MCT, olive oil and ghee (butter with the milk fat removed).

Grains like corn, wheat and soy are all OUT! They contain carbs you don't need and lectins that are literally killing you slowly. This means no bread, no chips or salty snacks and of course no beer.

Some nuts are IN! Pistachio nuts are full of nutritious oil, so are walnuts and pecans.

Some distilled spirits are acceptable, those aged in oak barrels contain polyphenols which are good for your body. This means Jack Daniels and Anejo Tequila are both acceptable in small quantities.


My next blood test is about 45 days away, I'll have three solid months of pursuing the Plant Paradox diet under my belt when the nurse draws that blood sample, we'll get to see the results in black and white.

The indicators are good, after a couple of years of 5.5 PSA test results and 6.0 in January 2018 when I went for a prostate biopsy at the Mayo Clinic my latest test result was 4.8. The 4.8 reading followed a period of even greater reduction in carbs I was consuming, down from 150 to 100 but still far from a low carb diet plan. Currently I'm restricted to 1400 calories per day and less than 25 grams of carbs.

UPDATE: PSA in September 2018 was 3.4 (down from 4.8), the diet is working, I'm now officially back in the normal range.

As I've already pointed out there are entire industries that would be wiped out by a mass realignment in our thinking about food and diet.

After sixty years of preaching this same dietary advice, over and over there is no hope for massive change, it would just be too economically devastating and embarrassing to those who've promoted and put forward this misinformation for so long.

Show me the data that says the Standard American Diet is making us more healthy and I'll show you a study financed by someone with something to lose or a magazine pundit trying to preserve their high-dollar corporate ad sponsors (don't look for the Good Housekeeping Seal on the Gundry diet lol).

I'm not one to promote conspiracy theories, I'm just a retired guy with cancer but likewise I'm not going to be led to the slaughter without a fight. My partner and I have spent the last six months combing the internet for data and solutions ever since I was diagnosed with cancer. We're still looking for the data that says SAD is working right and making folks more healthy. We're still looking for conclusive evidence that eating like "they" say we should, rich in fruits, vegetables and grains, low in saturated fats, is making Americans more healthy.

The S.A.D. data that is all too easy to find is that over 70% of Americans as a whole are overweight and over 40% of Americans are obese. These facts come right from the US Center for Disease Control (a different branch of the same government that tells us to eat this diet). Obesity and weight gain appear to be subjects they actually can't repair with the standard american diet. The low fat that has been marketed so hard since the early 1980's is clearly not working for the mass public.

The obesity is not just because you're eating too many calories or not getting enough exercise (though those may be contributing).

The problem is eating all the WRONG foods which are filled with things that are doing this to us. Big corporate agriculture, the citrus industry, the dairy industry, the beer industry and just about every other big-business food provider is creating food that is making you fat and ultimately ill. A recent large study showed that eating packaged prepared frozen foods, which are full of preservatives, are causing cancer, you don't have to search the internet too hard to find many instances of this data.

What if you could eat food that was good for you? What if you could eat food that filled you up so you did not get hungry for all those yummy little bags of chips and pretzels. What if there were soda's you could drink that were not filled with sugar or worse, man-made chemical sweeteners that kill your gut bacteria, penetrate the walls of your intestine and help you become diabetic?

Our ancestors did not always eat breakfast, they had to run through the woods and find their food. This would sometimes cause delays (fasts) between rounds of eating.

The right diet leaves you feeling comfortably full but not stuffed. When you give your body the right food things begin to correct themselves naturally. When your immune system is no longer being tortured by your normal daily diet intake it is free to do what it's meant to do, fight disease.

I've been overweight most of my life. It really caught up to me in the last 20 years, something had to change. When my weight was hitting over 245 pounds in 2003 my knees were in constant pain, it hurt to walk, I had pain in my hips and shoulders too. Since dropping to 175 pounds the pain in my legs is all gone. The pain in my shoulder is also gone. I've still got some persistent arthritis in my neck and left hand but I have noticed my hand is getting less sensitive to the joint pain so perhaps it's also diminishing, time will tell.

Don't do nothing! If you do what you always did then you get what you always got. Is that what you want?

Find the diet plan that helps you lose weight and feel great, it's more than just possible and it does not have to be painful, taste yucky or be weird.

Good luck and happy eating to all!