Our easy crock pot recipes...

Salmon (about 1 lb)

Fresh:  Cover with water, LOW 2 hrs, HIGH 1.5 hrs, temperature 145 degrees F

Ground Beef (1 lb)

Fresh (not frozen):  Low 2.5 hours on LOW in small size crock
145-150 degrees = tender and done

New York Strip Steaks, 2-large (but thinner) cuts
Place in largest crock pot
Cook on low until 135-degrees (it sounds rare but it's not)
Should take about 1hr-25minutes

Steak (multiple)
(almost cover with water, salt, and pepper)
Fresh:  LOW 2 hrs (do not cook on high!) in medium size crock
145 to 150 degrees = tender and delicious

Chicken (breast, boneless, 2)

Fresh:  LOW 3 hrs (to 165 degrees F)
OR in tiny slow cooker:  LOW 2 hours (to 165 degrees F)

Shrimp (XL)

Thaw under water 5 min
1. Steam over crock pot water for 10 min until pink, OR
2. Cover and microwave for 3 minutes until pink

Rump Roast or Brisket

Place in crock pot, cover (mostly) with water, salt and pepper.  Cook LOW 8 hrs (more or less)

Ground Beef Burgers in Air Fryer

Thawed patties
20 minutes at 360 degrees F in the Air Fryer

Steak in Air Fryer - NEW Dec 2018

Marinate steak
Preheat air fryer (I didn't bother)
6 minutes per side @ 400 degrees (total 12 minutes) for medium

Check with thermometer - I cooked 8 minutes per side for medium

  • 125°F for rare
  • 135°F for medium rare
  • 145°F for medium
  • 150°F for medium well

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