Thursday, January 3, 2019


"Your belly fat is not your fault! Foods you've been told are healthy actually drive fat storage in the abdominal area"

At the core of The Plant Paradox is a restrictive form of the Ketogenic diet. Keto has been around since the 1920's and is based on high fat (80%) and low carbohydrate (less than 30 grams/day) consumption. In addition to eating healthy (lectin free) meats this diet includes lots of leafy greens and vegetables. It's not Atkins and it's not just a weight loss plan, it's a way to eat healthy for the rest of your life.

The big difference in Dr Gundry's plan is that you avoid certain types of starch and produce that are high in lectins.


Lectins are natural toxins that help deter insects and animals from eating plants.


Lectins are highly concentrated in wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, beans, fruits, tomatoes and a number of other foods that dominate the modern diet.

Lectins are also found in typical grocery store meats which result from animals being raised eating foods high in lectins (you're eating what the animal you're eating, ate).

Note: Eating organic foods does not eliminate lectins.


Through years of patient-research Dr Gundry found that humans tolerate lectins better than some species but some of his most ill patients showed dramatic improvement and healing as a result of eliminating lectins from their diet.


The Ketogenic diet emphasizes eating fat instead of carbohydrates. When you get your carb intake down low enough your body starts burning the stored fat on your body.

Your liver converts high quality protein (from select plants, grass-fed / grass-finished meat and eggs) into whatever nutrients you need. The liver also converts stored fat into energy to power your body and fuel your brain.

A natural side effect of converting stored body fat to energy is weight loss, it's not uncommon to find big success stories about stunning weight loss from people eating a ketogenic diet. Combining Keto with lectin-free eating is a fast path to feeling better and finding your natural body weight without counting calories.

Kelly Clarkson, a pop music star reported she lost 40+ pounds by purchasing Dr. Gundry's book and simply following his recommendations. She also cured her autoimmune disease.


Weight loss is the big thing that gets talked about but there are other amazing benefits from following the Plant Paradox Keto program. Many disease characteristics are reduced or eliminated by following this diet.

Dr Gundry says "100% of diabetes is curable" by following this diet. Would you rather spend $500 on insulin every month or be cured? It comes down to how much sugar you need to eat. Your body is fine without eating sugar but some people are so addicted to it they'd rather be sick than cured.

Before becoming a diet guru Dr Gundry was a famous heart surgeon with numerous patents to his many credits. From doing heart bypass operations Dr Gundry saw first hand, the insides of peoples circulatory systems and how they reacted to eating lectin-free.


Lectins block receptors that allow our muscles to burn blood sugar for fuel (University of California research). That lack of "fuel" triggers cravings (for sweets and carbs) while loads of unused blood sugar wind up as belly fat. Eliminating lectins unblocks these receptors so our muscles get their fuel and cravings disappear.  Metabolism goes up and blood-sugar levels come down which signals our bodies to burn belly fat! As blood sugar stabilizes, it slashes the risk for and severity of Type 2 diabetes.

Lectins not only inflame our insides, they sometimes break through the gut wall. This lets bacteria escape and can trigger an autoimmune response that causes the body to attack itself. Eliminating lectins allows a "leaky" gut to heal, almost always improving or curing autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and more.


Dr. Gundry has a new book called "The Plant Paradox, Quick and Easy".

The Plant Paradox is full of science to explain all facets of how the health benefits manifest. His new book is for those who just want the diet to follow, explained in a quick and concise manner.