www.mydiet.tech is all about your diet, it's thoughtful suggestions to help anyone lose or control their weight naturally.

A diet is the sum of whatever the stuff is that you consume in a 24-hour time period.

You don't go on and off a diet, you're always on YOUR diet and it is determined by what you eat and drink.

You don't have multiple diets, just the one you're eating.

The sum of what you eat in a 24-hour period is your diet for that period

MyDiet.TECH is based on counting the total calories and grams of carbs eaten in a 24 hour period. Knowing the protein and other nutrients is also of great importance as you head for better weight management.

The SAD thing is, most people have no idea how many calories/carbs they should eat in a day, nor do the majority have the slightest idea how many they did eat in a given day. SAD is the Standard American Diet.

We've turned it into a game, here is how each of us plays every day

Determine your ideal quantity of calories and grams of carbohydrate you should consume in a 24-hour period, this may take a little thought and research. Determining your goals and how you'll achieve them is critical to success with weight loss and weight control.

Combine foods that add up to less than or equal to your ideal total for a 24-hour period

The beauty of this game is, there can be multiple winners, everyone who comes in under their target wins, even if you exceed your target slightly you're still a winner for trying

Portion control and counting calories/carbs are a proven and reliable way to lose weight safely, but this may not be the best way to control your weight on a long term basis.

The Ketogenic diet is leading people to lower weight, lower blood pressure, relief from insulin and diabetes problems and relief from autoimmune diseases.

If you work with someone (wife, husband or partner) on losing weight and make it fun it will be a lot easier.

Each person is allowed a total number of calories and grams of carbohydrates per day depending on personal objectives, figure out which foods meet your daily need. Plan for that by stocking those foods at home (since you're not going out to eat any more lol).

Calorie and Carb numbers are published on food packaging, many packages of healthier items have this information right on the front of the package.

Check the Servings Per Package on the label. It might be labeled as only 30 calories but there might be 10 servings in the bag, that's a diet buster!

DON'T EAT BREAD! There is no bread product in the grocery store that has any beneficial nutrition, they've been lying to us for years.

During the modern processing of grain all the "good stuff" is extracted from the wheat and is sold for use in other products. White bread and most bread labeled "wheat" on grocery store shelves are just hollow calories (no nutrition your body needs) and sugar, nothing you need to eat.

A single slice of plain white bread is 70 calories and 14 grams of carbs, two pieces for a sandwich is an entire day of carbs on a Ketogenic diet. Those two slices of bread are 140 calories (which is mainly from sugar) before you add any meat or cheese.

Eat a lot of vegetables. US Department of Agriculture recommends at least 25% of your diet is vegetables, Doctor Gundry recommends even more.

Know the numbers, that means KNOW what the calories and carbs are of each item you eat. Potatoes look harmless, vegetable right? Potatoes are high in calories and carbohydrates, a single small potato is 200 calories and 43g of carbs! Guess what happens when they're french fried? The calories double!

Don't drink sugar sweetened soda EVER! Try to find diet soda sweetened with Stevia an all natural zero calorie sweetener.

Don't consume anything that has HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Corn syrup is pure carbs and deadly to a Ketogenic diet.

Watch out for canned soups, they can be packed with salt to ridiculous levels. Look for low salt that really is very low in sodium. Some are labeled low salt but they're only half of the stupid high value kinds. Some are even multiple servings per can which is an evil way to misguide busy humans.

Never ever eat ice cream again, sorry, say goodbye, never look back

Never eat candy bars or candy snacks again, there is NO DIET that sanctions eating bags of candy to stimulate a glucose reaction, instead you're programming yourself for diabetes, say goodbye to candy, it never did you any real favors! BTW, binging on candy causes dopamine to be produced which is a natural high and feel good chemical.

Never eat at fast food restaurants again, ok you might need to but you'll be sorry when it totally messes up your low carb diet.
Nutrition information Mc Donalds 1/4 pound hamburger (sandwich only). Is this low fat?
Eat more salad, almost every grocery store now sells pre-prepared salads, these are cheaper than gas station and convenience stores and usually much fresher.

Don't celebrate with food. 
Don't use a birthday or holiday as an excuse to go somewhere and over-eat*

More tips???

Clean out your refrigerator. Throw away all the lethal foods. Just buy frozen vegetables and eat those, you'll lose weight.

Packaged salad dressing is packed with diet busting calories and carbs. Move cautiously and read the label. Use a measuring spoon to determine how much you're using and how many calories you're eating.

Try using oil and vinegar but be sure to use a measuring spoon, many vinegars are packed with calories and carbs.

Our latest favorite is Rice Vinegar, it's produced with a distillation process which removes the lectins. It's also zero carbs. We mix it 1:1:1, one tbsp MCT oil, one tbsp olive oil, one tbsp rice vinegar. Use olive oil infused with garlic for great flavor.

Shut down your kitchen stove, turn it and one of the counters into an electronic and guitar repair shop. You can't eat it if you can't cook it. Eat frozen vegetables steamed in the microwave. Easy to prepare, ready in minutes, full of good nutrition.

Dr K WEIGHS-IN (he's not really a doctor) REPROGRAM YOURSELF!
In your mind you've got to rearrange your thinking about restaurants, they are not your friend, the only thing they want is your money, they are killing you with the food they're serving you. They don't have your best interest in mind, they have profit and bottom line in their sights.
Only you can control what you eat.


You don't need a big meal on Thanksgiving. Take the family to a park and spend quality time together.

*over·eat = verb
gerund or present participle: overeating
1 eat too much."the effect of overeating is weight gain"
2 synonyms: eat too much, be greedy, gorge (oneself), overindulge (oneself), feast, gourmandize, gluttonize;